The Boys
The Girl

CH Woodwynd Spot On CDX GN RE AX MXJ OF RD - Emma
CH-UNJ Woodwynd Spot On at Abbey Road (UKC name)

I always said the vet's office had two guarantees if I brought a dog in. One that it had spots and two that it was a boy... Those two things have now changed.

I'd like to thank Michelle Gossett for letting Emma come live with us from GA. While no one can replace Ziggy the timing of things seemed to be guided by him so that his half sister would come to live with us.

Since coming to Florida Emma has made her NADAC debut even qualifying twice despite my poor handling! In AKC, we have earned a GN title in obedience and had a third place finish in JWW for 11 MACH points.

It's not all training and competitions for Emma, no she likes to go for a swim too and she's earned her first UKC title, for dock diving!