The Boys
The Girl

And in the end,
The love you take
Is equal to
The love you make.

The End - Lennon and McCartney

LJ's Black Tie Required - Bugsy
5/14/89 - 10/3/04

Bugsy was my first Dalmatian and also my first show dog though he never earned a point towards his championship or a leg towards his CD. He was a big dog when smaller dogs were the norm and he taught me that not all dogs, no matter their good points, will be Champions.

If I had kept up with showing him in obedience I'm sure he would have earned at least a CD. After we'd gotten Pooh, when I'd pick up a leash to train Pooh, Bugsy would come to heel position and demand to be worked.

He was my heart and soul and my other half... He is missed.