The Boys

Good Earth Sandman
4/21/07 - 6/6/15

Bouncer is the newest addition to the family! Bouncer is a dun 14.3 Connemara Pony gelding from Good Earth Farm in NY.


The boys were out having a good back scratching session, I'm not sure who was enjoying it more! Though I think Lofty had the easier time reaching.

After close to 10 years out of the show ring Bouncer and I made our show debut! I couldn't have asked him to be better behaved and he got a fourth and a second over fences and a fourth on the flat. In our second show Bouncer received two fourths over fences and a second on the flat.

With a second winter's worth of dressage lessons under our belt with Jim Kofford I decided it was time for us to try our hand in the dressage ring.

Bouncer's dressage show record so far
White Fences Schooling Show Training Level Test 2 7 64.821
  Training Level Test 3 1 71.800
Gold Coast Dressage Schooling Training Level Test 2 2 66.786
  Training Level Test 3 1 67.400
White Fences Rated Training Level Test 3 4 62.800
  Training Level Test 3 4 60.600
  Training Level Test 3 4 63.000
Gold Coast Dressage Rates Training Level Test 3 2 61.400
  Training Level Test 3 3 62.000

Bouncer finished the year out by being the USDF All-Breed Champion for the ACPS for Adult Amateur Training Level and fifth for Open Training Level.